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Addictions/Dependencies Issues

Adoption/Foster Care Issues

Agricultural Issues


Animal/Pet Issues

Assistive Technology Issues

Business Issues

Child Abuse Issues

Child Care Issues

Children's Issues

Consumer Issues

Cultural/Racial Issues

Death and Dying Issues

Developmental Issues

Disabilities Issues

Divorce/Custody/Support Issues

Domestic Violence Issues

Education Issues

Employment Issues

Environmental Issues

Gambling Issues

Government Services Issues

Health Issues

Housing Issues

Human Rights Issues

Human/Social Services Issues

Hunger/Food Issues

Immigration Issues

Indigenous Peoples Interests/Concerns Issues

Infant Mortality Issues

Insurance Issues

Labour Issues

Legal Issues

Literacy Issues

Medical Marijuana Issues

Mental Health Issues

Nutrition Issues

Older Adult/Aging Issues

Oral Health Issues

Organ/Tissue Transplant Issues

Parenting Issues

Public Assistance Issues

Public Health Issues

Relationship Issues

Rural Issues

Safety Issues

Science and Technology Issues

Sports/Recreation Issues

STEM Curriculum Issues

Student Financial Aid Issues

Substance Use Disorder Issues

Suicide Issues

Tax Issues

Transportation Issues

Veteran/Military Personnel Issues

Volunteerism Issues

Youth Issues

The above terms and definitions are part of the Taxonomy of Human Services, used here by permission of INFO LINE of Los Angeles.